10 Jun 2014

Creating A Brand | The Mall at Miami Worldcenter


The Mall at Miami Worldcenter is a joint venture between The Forbes Company and Taubman Centers. Featuring Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s and spanning more than 25 acres at the northern end of the Central Business District directly across from the American Airlines Arena, Miami Worldcenter is one of the largest and most exciting urban developments in the United States – offering a diverse mix of retail, residential, office, hospitality, and entertainment components.


Miami is one of the most competitive markets in the country with a high density of retail and international attraction. Regardless, the downtown area has remained largely devoid of any significant retail presence despite the influx of upscale residential properties and foreign investment. Panzano+Partners, as the agency of record for The Forbes Company, was tasked with developing the brand for the new venture.


Panzano was tasked with developing a brand identity for the project as well as coming up with a unique way to introduce the project to the world. The logo was designed to mimic the spire of a building and yet represent the “M” and the “W” of the project name. A video was created in conjunction with Digital Black Magic, a Toronto-based firm, to showcase the project and the market. From CGI building models, to live-action helicopter footage, the video was a full scale presentation. To get the word out, small plexiglass slates were delivered with a QR code leading you to the newly designed website. Interest in the project has been fast and furious. The Mall at Miami Worldcenter was announced to the world in a dynamic way through web, digital, and social media. The project is gaining momentum and is poised to change the face of retail in Miami.

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