02 Jan 2019

CHARITABLE GIVING FRESH ARTISTS Panzano+Partners has kicked off the year by making a donation in the names of each of our clients to an organization we would like to tell you more about. We believe that art has the power to change lives. Fresh Artists amplifies the voice of children by promoting their access to the

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24 Feb 2017

Moustache Paintbrush Packaging by Simon Laliberte. This excellent example of packaging design comes from Poilu.  What better way to parade a moustache and beard combo. Origami Tea by Nathalia Ponomareva. This packaging design combines two Japanese traditions: tea and origami. NYC Spaghetti by Alex Creamer. This award winning design takes the simple idea of line

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14 Apr 2015

Prada has launched another whimsical short film, this time directed by Autumn de Wilde.

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12 Jan 2015