11 May 2017

Panzano Uncovers The Greenbrier

Panzano+Partners once again takes you on a journey with Tysons ONE, Tysons Corner Center’s magazine.  For this issue we chose to depart from the many exotic locations shot around the world and landed on a pure Americana gem. Our chic tale unfolds at The Greenbrier, a historical hotel tucked in the picturesque Allegheny Mountains. With timeless elegance and eclectic sophistication, the luxury resort proved a most inspiring location to spotlight some of the most memorable looks of the season from Tysons Corner Center.

With its vivid Dorothy Draper interiors and stunning grounds, the legendary Greenbrier resort served as the perfect backdrop for Tysons Corner Center’s video screens. These brilliantly intense videos, showcasing 12 of Tysons premier retailers, were viewed on 20’ screens located in the center. This pop of “wow” stopped shoppers and gave them a fashion preview and a little bit of The Greenbrier magic we fell in love with.